Thursday, October 17, 2013

The names of the courses I took in University

2CC12 Main group and acid and base chemistry
2CC13 Intro to the properties and reactions of organic molecules
2CC14 Organic chemistry
2CC16 Thermodynamics and Kinetics
4CC11 Energies and bonding
2LS02 Biochemistry for chemists
2LS13 Molecular basis of life

2CC31 Symmetry, bonding and structure of inorganic molecules
2CC32 Chemistry of Transition metals
2CC33 Organic Heterocyclic Synthesis
2CC34 Organic stereochemistry and mechanisms
2CC36 Quantum chemistry and spectroscopy
2MS38 Structure and properties I
2MS39 Structure and properties II

1CC2A Year in industry

1CC92 Structure and Inorganic chemistry in solids
2CC93 Inorganic chemistry
2CC95 Organic chemistry (retrosynthesis)
2CC97 Physical chemistry
3CC91 Reaction mechanism and spectroscopy
3CC94 chemistry honours options (organic)
3CC9P chemistry research project (organic)

Followed by PhD in Medicinal organic chemistry

Saturday, October 12, 2013

Just discovered Free mindmapping software (Stereochemistry)

This is so cool.  I have just discovered mind mapping free software.  I made this map in Edraw mindmap (freeware).  I think the mind maps are much more interesting to look at and study from than a list of definitions!!
On my previous post I used which allows 3 free mindmaps before you have to pay for your account.   The seems slightly easier to control but has less options for shapes, arrows etc.
I used the free MarvinSketch software to draw the chemical drawing.

Significant Figures

Hopefully you can zoom into the image.
1.  Zeros at the beginning of a number are never significant.
2.  Zeros at the end are only significant if there is a decimal place.   300 (1SF), 300. (3SF), 300.0 (4SF)
3.  Zeros in the middle are always significant.

When adding or subtracting, the answer can have no more decimal places than the measurement with the fewest number of decimal places.

When multiplying or dividing, the answer must be given with the same number of significant figures as the measurement with the fewest significant figures.