Tuesday, September 18, 2012

New to blogging

All about me

So I am new to blogging. I have never been very good at writing so I will keep my blog short and to the point. I will post some tips for chemistry.

I began my career in chemistry when I selected to take Chemistry as an A'level in high school. After leaving high school I immediately carried on studying chemistry at the University of Liverpool, UK. I gained a first class degree with honors. First class is the highest grade awarded in an English degree and only a handful of people get it. I specialized in organic chemistry.

After my degree I worked in industry for one year carrying out combinatorial chemistry. I then returned to my studies and completed a PhD in Medicinal chemistry at the University of Bath also in the UK.

Next was a big move to become a research associate in the Cancer Research Institute at ASU.  I worked there for two years.  During which time I published papers and was name on a patent.  As you have just read I have a lot of education in Chemistry specializing in organic synthesis.

After having children I decided to apply my knowledge and help others study chemistry. Chemistry is what I am good at, not writing or blogging. Helping people learn chemistry comes naturally to me.

Here are some photos of me taken in my lab at ASU.

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